Solar Carports - Unlock Hidden Value

From a handful of spaces to a car park that accommodates hundreds of vehicles, solar carports benefit your business, your staff and the environment

Solar carports are ideal if you want to invest in a solar PV system but do not have appropriate roof space. They have the benefit that the car park can still be used for its intended purpose while simultaneously providing a good return on an otherwise unproductive space. Additionally, they can be installed in conjunction with existing solar arrangements.

Solar carport construction is very flexible with many different layouts and sizes possible. Depending on the number of parking bays required, a typical solar carport is one, two or three bays wide. The design is matched carefully to your electricity demand and solar production to ensure the best possible financial benefits.

Furthermore, a solar carport offers opportunities for additional green initiatives such as electric vehicle (EV) charging and LED lighting which contribute to your corporate social responsibility targets. Showing a visible commitment to sustainability is a powerful motivator of consumer purchasing decisions. But the effects impact more than just customers. Employees show appreciation when their company operates a responsible, environmentally ethical business. Installing a solar carport can help to further employee engagement and complement your CSR initiatives.


  • More predictable energy bills

  • Stabilise your cash flow

  • Invest savings in other business areas

  • No capital expenditure

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Cooler vehicles reduce fuel consumption for your staff

  • Electric vehicle charging points increase green credentials