MICRO ANAEROBIC DIGESTION: Additional Revenue Accessible to Smaller Dairy Operations

For dairy farmers, anaerobic digestion (AD) is an excellent way to generate free electricity and heat from their slurry and gain access to renewable energy incentives. However, up until now AD plants have been suitable for large dairy operations. With Micro AD plants the benefits of AD is now easily available for use with dairy herds as few as 80.


  • 80 cows for 11kW plant
  • 1500m3 liquid manure per year
  • 300 cows for funded option on 44kW & 52kW plants
  • 250m2 of land close to your slurry store


  • Free electricity
  • Free hot water/heating
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Above 30% return on investment
  • Longer slurry spreading season
  • Automated system